It was about time for a nice little website update, and we worked with two amazing ladies to bring you the newly improved site.

The incredibly skilled Hayley Wright of Paper + Ink created a new feel for the website by hand drawing us some gorgeous new lace for the website background, as well as a beautiful laced lady currently being used as our video overlay and on our contact page! You can see her art on Paper + Ink's website or on instagram @paperinkart

We are also so excited to have the ever so talented Yvonne Yukes create a new homepage video for us, using our song "Nightfall". Using footage from an underwater world, the video is so refreshing and new and we are so happy about it! You can see Yvonne's work on her websiteand see her video/s either on Vimeo, on our homepage, or below!

Be sure to check out the website and check out these amazing artists' work!