In the spirit of giving back, this week we start our first Music x Charity project. 

Keeping with our wish to support & work with emerging designers & artists, we wrote two tracks that we are licensing for a reduced rate for the next two weeks, with 50% of profits going to a project that helps women entrepreneurs in rural areas around the world get training as part of the Saving for Change initiative through Oxfam America. Read more about the project here: Women Entrepreneurs Project 

As some of you may know, our rates for custom and licensed music are always on a sliding scale. For this project we decided to propose a reduced rate of $50/track and the choice of one (or both!) the tracks below:

*The terms for the licensing vary slightly from the our usual terms due to the nature of this project, and are as follows :

- non-exclusive license, to be used for a single project (use in multiple cuts of the same project allowed & welcomed)

- Use for web and social media content only

- Licensed Use: indefinite, but track must be used by May 1st, 2016

- Licensing for Music x Charity Vol 1 ends Sunday December 19th, 2015

If you're interested in licensing, or have any questions at all, please reach out either through the Contact tab above or directly to

We will be donating the funds at the end of the two week Music x Charity period, sometime the week of Monday December 20th, 2015, just in time for the holidays.

Thank you and we hope you'll join us in wanting to make a difference through music!

- D & L