Drum & Lace is a composer & performer that writes & creates music for film, fashion & media. 

 photo by Anna Su

photo by Anna Su

Drum & Lace, aka Sofia Hultquist, is an Italian composer and performer that writes and creates music for film, fashion and media.

Drum & Lace’s composition work includes writing music for fashion shows & films, commercials, and writing for feature-length films such as co-scoring the fashion documentary "The First Monday in May" (dir by Andrew Rossi) that opened the Tribeca Film Festival 2016, and "The Gospel According to André" (dir by Kate Novack) that premiered at TIFF 2017 (in theaters 5/25/18 internationally). Two other feature length documentary films she has scored, “Love and Bananas” (dir by Ashley Bell) and “Invisible Hands” (dir Shraysi Tandon), are being released in theaters in 2018. 

Her recent performances include The Echo Society VI: Family concert weekend (Los Angeles, CA), the Girlschool Festival (Los Angeles, CA) and The Satellite Art Show (Miami Beach, FL) with the NY Fem Factory during Art Basel. She also curates and co-hosts the series An Ambient Show, which brings together the ambient, electro-chamber and modular communities in Los Angeles, CA. 

Upcoming projects include the release of a chamber-electronic project, as well as upcoming electronic singles. 

She’s currently based in Los Angeles.

For most recent film work see IMDB


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