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About ‘semi songs’

semi songs’ is a record about Self - about looking in, back, out and forward. It is a record about the nature of being human. About the emotions that we all feel, and that live in the most vulnerable and dark places within us. At first listen, each song may sound very specific and personal, but each one touches upon experiences that we all encounter as part of a collective humanity. 

semi songs’ is written by composer, performer, and producer Drum & Lace for violin, 2 cellos, piano and electronics. Drawing from her personal life and experiences, ‘semi songs’ is a departure from Drum & Lace’s previous releases, and yet, it makes sense. The sound of ‘semi songs’ lives somewhere in the middle of Drum & Lace’s body of work- somewhere between a film score and an electronic release. Just as with her other releases, ‘semi songs’ is hard to put in one stylistic box, but rather lives in between boxes. 

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