Performance, Dance & Other Mixed Media work

Soundscapes, Art Pieces, and Installation Work written/performed as Drum & Lace and Sofia Hultquist


The Echo Society VI: Family

Weekend long festival featuring original works by 21 Los Angeles-based composers and special guests exploring the theme of "Family." Each evening, 7 different composers presented or performed original works simultaneously in 7 rooms of the house for (mostly) unamplified instruments of their choosing. During each show, guests were free to explore the rooms inside the estate and discover the various performances as the evening unfolded.

'Gardenia' (for 2 cellos, piano, vocals/electronics) was performed on Friday October 20th, 2017 in the Pool Suite during the 5pm & 9pm show

SCLQ-LAPL EPR2018_180818-11x17-2.jpg

Quadraphonic Interactive & Performative Workshop @ Echo Park Rising

For Echo Park Rising, a quad installation was set-up inside the Edendale Branch of the LA Public Library open to the public.

Throughout the afternoon we switched between two performances: the first being a quadraphonic sound bath with Suzanne Ciani’s most recent Quad LP (and the creator of the system Kamran V).

In the second part, I gave a short workshop on immersive audio/quad, before diving into an interactive quad performance that the audience had the chance to interact with. This interaction was done through the use of 4 iPads that had the capability of triggering sounds and placing them around the four speakers of the quad setup as I performed an ambient set.

This performance is scheduled to be repeated in 2019, and will include special guests and a different venue (TBA).


‘The Constitution’ by Mikael de oliveira

Composed original music for Saudade Theatre’s West Coast Premiere of ‘The Constitution’, a play by Portuguese playwright Mikael De Oliveira.

The play was performed for three weekends at MiMoDa Studio in Culver City, CA.

Music online soon.

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"Pink Privacy" at Satellite Art Show / Miami Art Week Art Basel

Created a soundscape for the performance of Pink Privacy, a live immersive performance that took place at the Satellite Art Show in Miami Beach during Miami Art Week/Art Basel (December 9th, 2017). Performers included artist/writer of Pink Privacy and founder of NY Fem Factory Jessica Yatrofsky, Jo Annesta, and Kyosi. With neon art by Dana Caputo and Kate Hush, installation 'throne' by Jillian Mayer. Part of Performance is Alive 2017.

Photos by Celia D. Luna


'Becoming' Spring Advanced Dance Concert at El Camino College (CA)

Original compositions for 'Becoming', a group dance performance piece performed by advanced dance students at El Camino College (CA) choreographer by Darrian O'Reilly. Performed in April 2018 at El Camino's Center For The Arts. The pieces featured electronic elements as well as voice and (field) recorded elements. 


'Odalisque' Solo Dance Piece for Darrian O'Reilly

Original composition for 'Odalisque', a solo dance performance piece by dancer Darrian O'Reilly, that was performed at the Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center in February 2017. The dance piece is made up of field recordings, voice, synthesizer, harmonium and electronics. 


"an Ambient Show" at

An evening of ambient music, with a live performance by Drum & Lace, Alex Rose, Ian Hultquist and Justin Melland. The piece performed on that evening was based off of field recordings collected while riding the U8 U-Bahn line in Berlin as well as electronics, modular and voice. 

An Ambient Show 1 took place in December 2017, and An Ambient Show 2 took place in March 2017 at H Plus Studio in Los Angeles, CA.


"Midnight roses la"

Multimedia gallery event at Nous Tous Gallery in Chinatown LA, with live performance by Drum & Lace, art installation by Amanda Maciel Antunes and Choreography by Ania Catherine.

Projections, space curation and soundscape creation for the event as well as performance. 

Event took place on May 2nd, 2017


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"Until death it's all living"

Original Soundscape for performance art piece by Amanda Antunes using field recording, samples, and synthesizers. Performance created for Montserrat's monthly Renditions. This month's theme was Don Quixote. First performance November 15th, 2016 in DTLA.


'The House Itself does not burn' written by Molly Haas-hooven

Original music for the play 'The House Itself Does Not Burn' written by Molly Haas-Hooven and directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham.

Part of The New School for Drama's 'New Voices Playwrights Festival', first performed in 2014



Ambisonic piece outlining the sounds of The Highline in NYC over the course of a full day. The piece was created for World Listening Day 2011 to bring awareness to the sounds that surround one in the city. 

Recorded in B-Format and decoded to Ambisonics for 16-channels using Max MSP.